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Sannihita is a non proft Organization found in the February month of the year 2000, with the Regd. No. 1653. by a small group of women activists and educationists to fight against violence and discrimination on women. It was founded to create a platform for various discussions on women’s rights and development, especially for women from vulnerable and marginalized sections, at community level to facilitate shelters and information for rights of adolescent girls -on health, education, housing and livelihood.

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A global order where poor and marginalized women and children are liberated from the legacies of atrocities, violence, and patriarchy; where men and women live in harmony, and promote love, and equality; where they are able to access their birthright of the necessities of life-- food, water, land, clothing, shelter, air, health, education, and livelihood; able to understand and access knowledge and technology; where social justice, equal opportunity and peace are a reality.

Sannihita aims to coordinate its work among local community groups and organizations in rural and urban areas.

Works in brief

  • Have provided Counselling for women against domestic violence, and Have helped women for legal aid on atrocities and sexual abuse,

  • Promoted Gender Justice Concept through number of workshops and rallies,and various programs organised for Women along with other NGOs and individuals.


Our mission is to contribute to the realization of this vision by -

  • Creating awareness on Human Rights (Constitutional, Civil and Political Rights); ESCR (Economic Social and Cultural Rights), CEDAW (Convention on Elimination of all kinds of Discrimination Against Women);

  • Building capacity for livelihoods among both men and women; and Fighting against violence on women, and works towards achieving equality and justice for women.

  • Creating a platform for researching and facilitating resources on issues of women and girls in the context of natural justice and equality development, and empowerment;

  • Educating girl children, and creating activities for the young vulnerable girl children to improve their skills, and facilitate, conduct useful programs and all livelihood opportunities.

  • Sannihita offers its services towards generation of awareness and develops gender sensitive perspectives, especially on housing and domestic violence.

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