History of Sannihita

In the year 2000, February, Sannihita -Center for Women and Girl Children The urge to strive for the betterment of women and girl children among few interested activists and their initial successful foray into the issues related has further strengthened the commitment to serve the women and girl children in a comprehensive manner in an organizational manner. This in background, SANNIHITA was born out of auspicious intentions in the realm of gender concerns.

The need to form Sannihita was felt as we found that domestic violence is intricately linked to the issue of right to shelter, and that there is a persistence of conservative gender politics in many of the government/ private institutions that form the basis for government policies which limit women to stereotyped roles within the confines of the home and the family. Thus, as concerned women, we felt the dire need to explore and evolve innovative forms of activism.

Women have always played a major role in the development of our nation. In the process, they had to make sacrifices and overcome seemingly mountainous hurdles. Even today, their creative participation in movements is crucial to peace and harmony in the country. But discrimination and violence continue to underplay their importance, and to wreck women’s lives everywhere. In this context Sannihita is working to create awareness in both women and men adopting practical approaches towards a harmonious society.

Women are caught between ‘development’, and ‘modernity’ on the one hand, and confusing statistics regarding the status of women and incidents of violence against them. Thus there is concerted effort to undermine the status of women in every field through discrimination and stereotyping.While learning from them, Sannihita works with women at grassroots to help them understand the real issues, explore practical solutions, by

  • Involving them in research activity.
  • Involving them in campaigns on women’s rights.
  • Training them on gender discrimination, and..
  • Spreading awareness about human rights.

So far Sannihita has performed the below activities and achievements:

  • Helped around 1500 women against domestic violence.
  • Conducted research for homeless women and identified around 50000 homeless poor women.
  • Conducted research on Poverty and its impact on women’s basic rights.
  • Advocated for women’s Housing and shelter rights.
  • Conducted research on single women.
  • Conducted research on 600 Street food vendors.
  • We Advocated for domestic violence Act 2005 from the year 2000
  • Research projects on Homelessness, women on streets, street children, and Housing were conducted.
  • Counselling centres against domestic violence have covered around 1500 cases and benefited around 3000 women and families.
  • 1000 street vendors, families were covered in the research.
  • 600 women vendors were given training on livelihoods and hygiene management.
  • Education – 2007 to 2009 - 200 hundred children were mainstreamed to govt schools.
  • 2009 to 2019 – 146 children passed 10th class and doing their graduation and vocational training.
  • We have joined 150 children are in 18 Gurukul Patashalas in Telangana state.