Sannihita Children Homes

We started homes in the year 2009 -10. Sannihita is been running 3 girl children homes in Secunderabad area and 2 boys homes from the year 2012.

Vulnerability Criteria:

  • Children without both parents
  • Children without  single parent ( mother or Father)
  • Children without any care or guardian
  • Children with parents  but homeless.
  • Children with parents but abused
  • Children never enrolled
  • Children domestic worked
  • Children with abusive parents, guardians
  • Children begging
  • Children from rag picking, homeless
  • Children from families migrated, and lives on daily wages, un assured, insufficient income.
  • Objective  of  our  homes.
  • Give the children care and protection.
  • Education and health
  • Raise them as responsible citizens with self respect, socially responsible. (gender conscious, secular, democratic, justice, and humane).

Note : After our expertise of running homes we have come to an understanding is that we have to give quality life to the children as equal to as a lower middle class family child with basic amenities, and all other needs that of a privileged kids going to schools. The minimum cost then comes to a child is Rs.45000 (Rupees forty five thousands  to Rs. 50000 (Rs.Fifty Thousands per annum)